Your Job in the Military Doesn’t Limit Your Civilian Career

Your Job in the Military Doesn’t Limit Your Civilian Career

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Taylor Karl

Many veterans return from their military service trained for specific jobs and believing that they need to find a job in the civilian world that takes advantage of that training. But what if you dislike your career in the military? What if there are other things you’d be far happier, far more fulfilled, and perhaps even far better paid than you’d be if you duplicated your military assignment? Broaden your search and find your best tomorrow.

What you did during your military service isn’t nearly as important as what you learned and how you grew!

Many veterans returning from military service begin almost immediately to seek employment in the civilian world similar to or at least use the skills learned to perform their assigned duty. It seems to make sense to them. You have training for a specific role. Why not leverage that training to win you a civilian job? In many cases, there is no reason why not.

What Do You Want to Do?

On the other hand, perhaps you didn’t like doing what you did in the service. You served faithfully and did your duty, but what if that duty wasn’t what your choice would be had the choice been yours? Can you imagine doing that same unpleasant work for the rest of your life? Don’t! There is absolutely no reason for you to be restricted to employment similar to your military role. You come back from the most honorable duty anyone can serve, and you deserve more choices, more latitude in setting the direction you choose. You also come back with tremendous value that is not specific to your military assignment.

During your military experience, you learned to live with a level of discipline others are never exposed to. As respectful as you may have been before you went in, you come out of military service treating people more respectfully and honorably than you ever did before. Your orientation to being organized has improved tremendously. You have acquired values, behaviors, as well as skills during your time in the military. You have earned the right to choose your direction, and a wide range of potential employers highly values the values you’ve acquired during the process.

Many hiring managers realize that recent graduates are inexperienced and often require professional grooming as well as training. They’d prefer to work with a mature individual who has learned the value of working smart and working hard. They are gratified to have people on their team who are genuinely mission-oriented. They value your military experience.

How Do You Choose?

Realizing that your next job does not have to resemble your last assignment, the next question that starts to grow in your mind is, “how do I choose?” It’s often difficult to figure out what you want to be doing, but much of the time, that’s only because you fear you don’t have the right to expect so much. Perish that thought. You do. You do. Many high-paying jobs do not require you to invest the next four years of your life and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into a college education. You prepare for these jobs by pursuing certification in specific operations.

Go Where the Jobs Are

Recent surveys estimate that there are literally millions of open job requisitions for technology positions, varying from entry-level to highly skilled. The number of available IT job opportunities is increasing every year. This is not due to a lack of people. It is due to a lack of skilled people, trained people. The good news is that you return from military service with all the foundational, underlying, “soft” skills already acquired. All you need to qualify for these jobs is to learn how to implement, operate, and support high-demand technologies. The training you require is available from nearby resources; you can take such training even while working at a current job. There are many programs from which your country provides you with financial support both for training and living expenses while training.

This Sounds Great, But How Do I Get Started?

Hopefully, this post has begun to open your mind to the possibilities available to you. To get your mind wide open, speak with a United Training Academy Career Counselor today. Not only will they tour you through various high-demand technologies you can learn in as little as six months, but they also help you understand how to take advantage of your veteran's benefits to finance your training. Unlike civilians, you start your search already halfway there. Armed with specific skills in data and network security, storage, servers, networking, and more, you will literally be able to pick and choose what you want to be doing and where you want to do it. Get in touch with United Training Academy today to learn more.

Click here to schedule a free one-on-one meeting with a certified Career Consultant today!

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