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When you are at a crossroads in your career, you might not know what next step to take. Whether you are transitioning out of the services and unsure of your civilian path, have been looking for work unsuccessfully, or are deciding to make a career switch, change can be challenging. We’ve helped thousands of people in the exact same spot get unstuck. We want to share three simple things we know work and that you can do today to take control and make steps toward your goals.

1. Identify Opportunities to Update Your Skills

Spoiler Alert: We believe strongly in training. Better skills lead to better jobs and now might be the time to brush up on those skills to find your next career. Would a certification give you an advantage over the competition to land your next job? Do the skills you currently have apply to the positions you are looking at? Or, are you limiting yourself to jobs that you think you should do because you lack qualifications for the ones you really want? While you are in a period of transition, take stock of what you are good at and what you could upgrade to take your experience and talents to the next level. Need more convincing? Check out the Top 7 Benefits of Getting Certifications.

2. Evaluate What Your Next Career Path Might Be

You might feel pressure to find a job…any job. But, take a step back and think about what career will make you happy for the next 10 years. What do you most enjoy doing? What gets you up in the morning excited to get to work? Don’t settle for a job that leaves you unfulfilled or sell yourself short. You most likely have skills that you don’t even know make you a great fit for many of the high-demand jobs in growing fields. Having worked with the top businesses in the country, we know what employers are looking for and bet you have it! 

3. Take Your Job Search to the Next Level

Does this job search strategy sound familiar: Wake up, search for a position, submit your resume, wait for a response. Repeat. If you aren’t getting the calls and interviews you need, maybe it is time to rethink your strategy. Is your resume telling your full story and showing off your best capabilities? Are you taking advantage of all of the opportunities to network on LinkedIn? Have you perfected your “elevator pitch” to quickly sell yourself to potential employers? We’ve got some resources to help you out. Check out our FREE webinars on Career Readiness. You can review all of our archived presentations or register for upcoming events.

You’ve got this! We know because we’ve seen it before. And, you made it to the end of this post, learned about new resources, and have options to move forward. That’s the first step, right there!

Looking for more? Give us a call. Our Career Consultants will discuss your individual goals and interests to help you create a career road map.

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