Solve Your Mid-Life Career Crisis

Solve Your Mid-Life Career Crisis

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Taylor Karl
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Changes in circumstances beyond your control can often cause a life-changing crisis. Coal workers, steelworkers, even paper mill employees have all seen their industries dramatically shrink, and they’re not alone. Usually, it’s not enough to find new employment if it means under-employment with a deep cut in compensation. Retraining for new careers in technology can be the solution, but how quickly can that training be completed, and how do you keep putting bread on the table while you’re working on getting back on top?

Obsolete. It’s a word that angers many people and should strike fear into the hearts of many more. As new energy sources emerge, many energy-related industries have shrunk or disappeared. As digital communication increases, the need for paper is a fraction of what it used to be. Many industries have become nearly or entirely obsolete, putting many formerly substantial wage-earners out of a job with few or no prospects.

While some bemoan their situation, others quickly become aggressive about finding a solution, identifying available training to prepare them for a new and lucrative career. Many of these people come slamming into a frustrating obstacle; they must continue to support their families somehow while they’re taking the needed training. How can they work perhaps more than one job and take classes at the same time?

Great New Opportunities ARE Out There

According to a recent CompTIA study, there are nearly 178,000 IT-related job openings available in the technology sector and have been reporting this need for quite some time. There’s plenty of room for people with excellent technical skills. The big problem seems to be filling those positions.

Many who have been displaced due to COVID-19 are aware of these opportunities and want to pursue the training they need to qualify for one of them. For many, these tech jobs are perhaps the only way to replace their former employment at their former earning level and beyond.

In the meantime, they are challenged to find jobs that pay enough. It can be very disheartening for someone who formerly held a significant responsibility to find themselves taking a menial job at a far inferior salary to keep paying for the basic needs of life; housing, food, clothing, utilities. Gone are the rewards of hard work.  Many of them are in their late forties or mid-fifties and had been looking at retirement in just a few more years. Now those visions are gone. The frustration has destroyed many relationships and broken up all too many families.

Great People, Great Challenge, Great Solutions

These people usually have a strong work ethic and have proudly earned promotions in their industry but lack marketable skills for today’s market. What they need is a way to fit their re-education into their temporary working life.

United Training Academy’s Career Accelerator program was designed to help these high-quality people obtain the high-quality training they need to pursue a high-quality new career that will maintain and improve their lifestyle while doing what they must do in the meantime.

Classes are available at late hours to accommodate working-day schedules. Online courses allow adult learners to interact with a trainer while consuming classroom content without traveling to a classroom.

Beyond classes, United Training Academy offers a wide variety of programs that augment training and encourage students to go far more profound, interacting directly with their instructors and fellow students. This creates a stimulating environment that helps re-trainers maintain their positive outlook while striving to recover from their setback and turn that negative into a truly super positive event.

Speaking to a United Training Academy counselor will help you replace your despair with hope, your confusion with direction, and your interrupted career with a brand-new path to success.

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