How to Break into the Tech Industry

How to Break into the Tech Industry

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How to Break into the Tech Industry

Taylor Karl
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Whether fresh out of high school or searching for a new career, understanding the tech industry landscape can help you define your career goals, gain new skills, and break into an entry-level position. One of the most frequently asked questions we get at United Training Academy is: How can I break into the Tech Industry? Applying and getting the correct information, skills, and experience can give you the upper hand, but what other tips could help your career journey? Here are five tips to help you break into tech:

  1. Understand the landscape

With The Great Reshuffle in full effect and more companies eliminating four-year degree requirements on their job positions, there has never been a better time to break into tech. Organizations are searching for skilled workers. It is essential to note that even those with four-year degrees are not as qualified as those with experience or industry-recognized certifications.

Most importantly, asking yourself the right questions can develop your career plan. Are you interested in working with the cloud? Do you want to implement scalable networks or security infrastructure? Wherever you are on your career journey, learning about what interests you and gaining the hard skills needed to transition into tech are the first steps you can take when changing industries.

  1. Get Certified

Getting industry-recognized certifications is essential to a resume but also depends on the companies you want to apply to or your striving role. Working towards building out your portfolio will provide you with the knowledge to thrive in your position and give you a competitive advantage against anyone else competing for a role.

  1. Get Hands-on Experience

Having your work speak for itself is essential if you are ready to break into tech and showcase everything you learned while getting certified. Your experience could be from school projects, internships, or entry-level positions. Provide and showcase your skills to prove your value and how quickly you can learn in a new environment. Having your experience on standby will solidify your spot on their team.

  1. Network, Network, Network

While we understand that sometimes networking can feel more like a chore than anything, it is significant for you and your future. Breaking into tech means uncovering and understanding information on the industry, hidden jobs, and more opportunities for you to learn.

Even if there are no networking opportunities in your area or a global pandemic rattles the market, there are many networking events online. Finding an event that suits you and your needs is essential. Strive to network and build your connections online and in-person (if you are comfortable). Contributing to a community within your industry can help you and your new career.

  1. Prepare for your Interview

Once you have successfully transitioned your skills, resume, and mindset into all things tech, performing well during your interview is crucial. So how can you prepare? Practice! Many discussions have multiple stages and can take some serious preparation.

Become comfortable with your resume, take ownership of your accomplishments, know how to answer questions related to the roles, and study the necessary technical material. Need more help? United Training Academy's Get Hired career workshops can help prepare you for any stage of your career journey and get you firsthand technical recruiter advice.

Final Thoughts

Breaking into tech does not have to be intimidating. You can understand the industry, get the skills, and land a role, but only if you apply yourself. The best part? You do not have to do it alone. Schedule a chat with our Career Counselors on the next steps and how United Training Academy can help you land your next job.

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