Former Air Force Medic, Greyson Thompson, looks toward a future in Tech

Former Air Force Medic, Greyson Thompson, looks toward a future in Tech

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Greyson Thompson's Story

Taylor Karl
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Greyson gave 13 years of his life to the United States Air Force and upon leaving, he was determined to become an IT Professional. "Its what I have always wanted to do. I went into General hoping I would get placed there but it never happened. I did get trained on a ton of technical material, but I never received any type of Certification out of it." He obtained his bachelor's degree in Computer Science to further equip him for the transition, but after seeking advice from people he knew in the IT industry, "Do not waste your time and get a master's. Certifications. Certifications. Certifications. Certifications are what you need to work in IT," was the advice echoed to him.

In an effort to find a program to help him for the next big step, Greyson attended a job fair on the base where he met one of our Career Counselors. They discussed how the career training programs at United Training Academy prepare students for several different IT Certifications.

Greyson Thompson began his program at United Training Academy with the goal of acquiring several industry-recognized certifications needed for his new career in IT. "The one-on-one attention I have received during my time here has been incredible. I never expected to be able to directly email the instructor and have them reply back to me so quickly. These instructors are truly subject matter experts."

Greyson soon found out that the resources available at United Training Academy extended far beyond the classroom. His Career Counselor recommended he attend several "Get Hired Career Workshops", a series of free events available to all United Training Academy students. The Get Hired Career Workshop series helps students prepare for different aspects of their job search. There are sessions on how to best leverage LinkedIn, constructing a great resume, and interview tactics, among others.

What he learned through those free events was priceless. Greyson worked with his Career Counselor to rewrite his resume and revamp his LinkedIn profile. Almost immediately, Greyson started to see an influx of interview calls. "Two days after I made the changes to my LinkedIn Profile and Resume, I saw an increase in my views and I had more interview calls."

Even though Greyson is still a current student with UTA, he has already achieved his goal of getting a job in the IT industry. Now working for DSD Labs while he completes his training program, Greyson is preparing for the next step forward in his career.

"I owe these instructors and my Career Counselor my job. I would not have been able to get it without the knowledge they imparted on me."

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