7 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Your Job Search

7 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Your Job Search

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Taylor Karl

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win” is great wisdom shared by legendary sales motivator Zig Ziglar.

“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it!” is an excellent process guide from the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali.

These attitudes recommended by two highly successful legends make up the mindset that will guarantee success in your job search.

First, you need to know what success looks like.

#1: Know what you want going in. What position you’re seeking. What kind of work you want to be doing. What kind of results do you intend to achieve for your new employer? How much you believe you are worth. The first step in thoroughly preparing yourself to seek and find your next great job is to know exactly what you want. You will be asked.

If you find yourself picking from what’s available, be very confident that you’ll be back where you are now shortly down the road. Go for what you want before you settle for what there is.

#2: Know what you bring. You know what you do well. Own it. Wear it proudly. Be prepared to crisply and talk about what you do, how well you do it, and how that drives excellent results—knowing what you bring means genuinely knowing and embracing your value proposition.

#3:  Think of this as your search for a place you want to work. Closely linked to knowing what you want is going after what you want. When you do go in for an interview, see it as you interviewing them as much it is them interviewing you. Do they have the qualities you’re looking for in your next employer? Is this a company you can feel good about investing your talent and energies in?

#4: Remember that this isn’t about you. When a company hires you, they’re not hiring you as much as they’re hiring what you can do for them. How much can you contribute to increasing the bottom line? How do they monetize your work? Instead of talking about how wonderful you are, focus instead on defining and emphasizing what you bring to their company.

#5: Focus on fit. More and more companies are including in their interviews an exploration of how well a candidate will fit in with the team they’ll be working with. A poor fit can result in misery for everyone involved. That can be a problem that is difficult and painful to fix. You’re going to spend a big bulky part of your time with these people. Make sure you get along well.

#6: Stay positive. It's not unusual to dwell on past offenses people have committed against you during your job search. Remember, that’s in the past. You’re busy focusing on the future. There’s no place for your complaints about past employers, especially when interacting with a potential new employer.

#7: Know your audience. You’re going to need to be at peak performance when you pursue interviews, and achieving peak performance begins with knowing your audience. Before you go for the interview, go to LinkedIn and learn as much as you can from their profile. If you know anyone they know, reach out to discuss your upcoming interview and learn more about what you can expect.

Whatever the reason for your departure from your last position, the process of seeking a new job is an exciting opportunity to find your way to someplace fabulous. Don’t sell yourself short. While the hire itself is not about you but instead what you produce, the process of accepting a new job offer is most definitely all about you and your ambitions.

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